I've commisson now!

Commission means that comply with a your request and draw it.


01.Thinking request contents
Think of the contents you want to send the request.
02.Send your request contents
When you conceive a request contents, please send your a request contents to me.
03.Checking requests
I will confirm your request contents. When creating has begin, I'll reply to you on mail.(my
04.Give a draft(sketch)
I will draw a draft(sketch) first and give you it. At this step, you can retake composition numerous times.
05.Creating a product and payment
If you have decided the composition of draft, I'll start to creating a product! When I begin to create it, I will send a mail to you. Please send the payment to my paypal in one week.
06.Please wait until the completion
If I couldn't finish drawing it and lose many days..., I will repay to you. Sorry, accident happens. But I'll do my best to finish it!
07.Sending a product
When I finish the drawing, I will send the product to you. (mail) At this step, I will ask the permission to you for submitting illustration on FurAffinity etc...
If you never be satisfied of the product, please tell me. I receive retakes.(but except change of composition)
09.Finished trade!
Finish commission when you've reached a mutually agreeable compromise!:D

Translator : harry5

Price(Updated : Dec 5th. 2017

Full colorsolid colorLine art
Comic(normal 4 pages)200USD150USD120USD
Comic(R-18 4 pages)250USD200USD150USD


mail :

([attention]A mail address of the above not remittee on paypal.)